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 The highest engineering standards in the industry.

Less than 5% of door manufacturers today considered “high end” actually build their doors using high end standards.  Why?  Because it is considered too costly.  Instead, most “solid wood” door manufacturers fill the interior of their doors with LVL which is a composite material with characteristics similar to plywood.  This plywood-like material is hidden under a thin 1/16” veneer.  Problems can occur over time with this type of construction due to the use of dissimilar materials.  So-called “solid wood” doors are actually less than 30% solid.

Antigua Doors uses stave core, solid wood (same species) engineering throughout. Stave core is a process in which solid hardwood is cut in approximate 1” sections and then glued back together to form a solid core.  Wood grain is reversed for added stability because the grain direction determines the direction in which the wood will move.  Although it would be easier and less costly for us to use one solid piece of lumber for our stiles and rails, we do not because of the tendency of large pieces to warp, twist and bow.  An Antigua door is not only manufactured using the highest standards available, it is also 100% solid hardwood.       


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Antigua Doors is quietly offering opportunity a suitable surface.

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