Although the finish on your Antigua Door is comprised of the highest quality and most durable materials available, periodic maintenance is required on all natural wood products to maintain their beauty. Light maintenance should take place on a regular basis. All exterior and interior doors, sidelights, transom, and trim, should be dusted regularly, periodically wiping with a damp, not wet, cloth to remove oil and dust particles. Furniture polish and other similar products are not recommended because they cause “build- up” on the finish. How much “heavy” maintenance (defined as restoration) will be required depends greatly on the amount of exposure your door has. Direct exposure to sunlight, moisture, salt, and dust all adversely affect a door’s finish. In areas where exposure to these elements is severe, a door’s finish might require restoration in as little as one year. With interior doors, or exterior doors with little or no exposure, restoration might not be required for many years. Color fading, a whitish cast, minor surface checks, or a dulling or dry appearance are all signs of finish breakdown. In addition, dark streaks or swollen panels are evidence that moisture has penetrated your door’s finish. If your door has signs of finish breakdown, it is important that finish restoration takes place immediately.


To properly restore the finish:
1) Lightly sand all six surfaces with 220 grid sandpaper, using a clean cloth damped with mineral spirits to wipe away all dust particles.
2) With exterior doors, sidelights, and transom, apply at least 2 coats of exterior polyurethane (with an ultraviolet inhibitor), sanding lightly between coats. With interior doors, repeat the same steps using a polyurethane finish adequate for interior applications. 


Maintaining and restoring your door is required in order to uphold the warranty. If a finish is not maintained or restored when needed, damage to the door’s physical integrity and/or a complete re-finishing may be required but not covered under the Antigua Door’s warranty.


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