Painted Hardwood Finishes

Antigua Doors takes painted door finishing to a new level of elegance and beauty imitating the artists of a bygone era.  First a primer is hand applied to the door to provide a surface texture from which an elaborate process begins. Next, the basecoat is applied which can vary widely in tone from the final color. From there, the first coat of pigmented glaze is applied and then sealed in order to “lock down” a particular color hue. The process is repeated several times, slowly transforming the  surface and creating a color depth which is both complex and astonishing.



The finishes shown on this website are intended as a guide, not a guarantee. The colors you see can vary widely from computer to computer based on a number of factors. If you are interested in a certain finish, be sure to view a finish sample available from your dealer.


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Antigua Doors is quietly offering opportunity a suitable surface.

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