White Mahogany Finishes

White Mahogany is a pale yellow or creamy colored hardwood with interspersed lines of red, orange, yellow, and brown. Its grain can be straight, crossed, or appear as waves. It is a durable hardwood with varying textures that ranges from open to closed grain. Because of varying nature of the wood, noticeable stain and patina characteristics that range in visibility from dark spots that absorb excessive stain (open grain sections), to very light spots absorbing minimal stain (closed grain sections), mix to give the hardwood its character. White Mahogany is an exotic hardwood unique to the market that can’t be compared to other woods. The hardwoods clear color, combined with its unique grain and texture characteristics, allow for exceptionally sophisticated finish options.

The finishes shown on this website are intended as a guide, not a guarantee. The colors you see can vary widely from computer to computer based on a number of factors. If you are interested in a certain finish, be sure to view a finish sample available from your dealer.


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